I want this post to be a complete tutorial on how to set up and run your first synthesizer application using stm32 microcontroller.


This post might be for you if:

  • you want to make a simple synthesizer from scratch (no synth libraries)
  • you’re done with AVR, arduino..
  • you want to try stm32 but struggling with complex setup and ecosystem
  • you have no experience with embedded (that’s totally fine here)
  • you have basic coding skills

While there’s a lot of resources about making synthesizer using arduino I found it really hard to correctly set up everything on stm32 platform.

That’s why…

This article is a part of series based on data science. Together with you I want to go through the typical stages of data analysis and build useful app from scratch.

It turns out that collecting data these days is as simple as that. If you just start with data analysis instead of using abused popular datasets like iris or titanic you can make your own with few steps. It gives you better understanding on this topic especially if it’s your personal data.

This time we will create music dataset.

We will use data from last.fm. If you don’t have…

Michał Bochniewicz

Into: data science, dsp and embedded

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